What's the most valuable NBA card in your collection?

Discussion in 'Basketball Card Talk' started by kobe bryant, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. kobe bryant

    kobe bryant New Member

    Do you know the actual value of the cards in your collection? Or do you have an estimate of their value? What do you think is the most valuable card in your collection? For me, the most valuable would be the lone Michael Jordan card that I have. It's a 1997 Upper Deck card. I think it's value is just about $1 to $2 dollars but this card holds a special place in my collection and consider it as the most valuable.
  2. Dammzyy

    Dammzyy New Member

    A colleague of mine who has been collecting is going to be hooking me up with a few rare patches that he has. I will make sure to post them as soon as I get them - but I know that some of them are worth a little bit.
  3. thejamal

    thejamal New Member

    When I started collecting back in 2002, one of the first "rare" cards I ever got was a LeBron James game-worn Jersey rookie card. Not sure if it's worth all that much, but it was what got me excited about basketball cards in the first place.
  4. LindaKay

    LindaKay Member

    I'm guessing you're a Kobe fan, lol?! I think Kobe is amazing. I don't have many bball cards, so none of mine are really worth anything. They're worth the world to me, though!
  5. dj*scorpion

    dj*scorpion Artifacts Collector

    can't decide....
    Neck tags ( a few example)

    Some kobes for the lady:

    or maybe these Rookies:

    but it can also be on of these jordans:

    Don't know. have to much of this stuff, sorry....
    So I think it's the hole set - Spent so much time on building it....
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2014
  6. SamClemensMT

    SamClemensMT New Member

    Wow, these are some really cool cards. Incredible conversation pieces. Do you ever bring them out just to show them off. I would. Especially the Michael Jordan.
  7. dj*scorpion

    dj*scorpion Artifacts Collector

    If there is any interested i can Show my pc in here in another Thread ....but i think the members here are not so familiar with NBA cards
  8. txdogbone

    txdogbone New Member

    I have a Michael Jordan's 1998-99 metal Universe Championship Precious Metal Gems (PMG) they have one in EBay for $24.999.. My question is......where is the number of the card located at? I heard its by the guys thumb and fingers... But its pretty hard to really see it...even with a magnifier.. Any Ideals??
  9. txdogbone

    txdogbone New Member

    None???? I don't know how to use these boards..... So use my email Addy to reply thnx.. txdogbone1961@gmail.com.... Thx anyways....
  10. CardsforLife

    CardsforLife Member

    I got a old Crash the game set that was special to me. The Jordan and Shaq cards are the best of that limited set.
  11. Eunice Ann Julian

    Eunice Ann Julian New Member

    This people are really a fan huh ? well i don't have any basketball cards but my favorite player may be Lebron and Curry even though they are rivals in basketball
  12. gabe951

    gabe951 New Member

    I would say that the most valuable basketball card that I have in my collection is a Shaq O'neal rookie card. The card is from the Upper Deck card company. I need to purchase a current pricing guide to determine what my cards could be worth. There are cards that have the rating listed at the top of the card protector, I like those cards because they have a rating for everyone to see.
  13. Marako

    Marako New Member

    I just started collecting NBA sports cards 2 years ago. When I cleaned my rood I have noticed that the old sports card that I have are worn out and no use or value at all then that's time I decided to collect again. For now the only sports card that is most valuable to me is the most expensive one that I just bought on Ebay 2 years ago and it is the first card on my new collection. I know it's a little beyond years ago but when I got it I can say that it's worth it. This card haven't left the case since. Please see below. Thanks guys!
  14. Mryss

    Mryss New Member

    The most valuable card in my collection would be the Micheal Jordan card. I actually grew up looking forward to him when I was still a kid. Now that I'm adult, he became a legend. Nobody can replace a legend.
  15. Nouman Najeeb

    Nouman Najeeb New Member

    I do not collect cards but I am a sports lover. And these cards are really getting my attention. I wish I could find some of these in my country. Jordan is a legend and once a legend is always a legend.
  16. raymondfernandez

    raymondfernandez New Member

    that was i exactly what i want card of the nba player MJ because he is the GOAT on the court
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