Where do you store, protect, and display your cards?

Discussion in 'Sports Card Chat' started by bigteeth96, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. redwing40

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    Yes, I been thinking about having some done at ISA Grading, as I have a account there, plus it's in my home state, maybe talk with him about a Group grading Submission that we can have here to make it cheaper for everyone to get cards Slabbed and Graded, guess it depends on price per card, per member, I know at beckett they do 100 cards at $7 per card, $8 for a card with Auto, but getting members willing to do a 100 cards would be hard to do, so if ISA Grading can do smaller amounts here at SCC, that would be great!
  2. Taliasen

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    We would love to and that is my ultimate goal on every forum we are a part of! However the idea was shot down by mods here at first. Our standard rate of $5 per card at the 10 day turn around time is a flat rate regardless of perceived value (unlike PSA) and there is no extra charge for a pack cert auto. We can not grade thicker cards. We only have holders that fit up to 40 point thickness. We also do not grade/slab non-pack cert. autos. If someone wants to head up a bulk submission ie. everyone send cards to you, you send to ISA, we return the cards to you and you return the cards to the members, you have the members send you money for return SH to them, we will offer SCC the bulk submission rate of $4 per card at the 10 day turn around time for all bulk submissions over 100 cards!
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  3. redwing40

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    Not a bad price at 100 cards, bummer on the thick cards as most I have and want graded are thicker cards, and to boot, a 100 cards from the members here would be hard to reach, I can see lower than that, like 50, instead of 100 for a deal! something that could be brought back up again to the MODs as the site gets more members!

    But Anyways back to Topic, I think grading your cards are worth getting sealed and safely kepted for years to come, the only bummer is, a bad grade Lol
  4. Taliasen

    Taliasen Collecting Rickey Henderson and Sean Casey. Moderator

    We do offer Grade 10 only slabbing. You just pay $.50 for grading of each card and only the $5 or promotional price for the grades you want slabbed. I will talk to the owner on Tuesday and see what special bulk submission deal we can offer here on SCC!
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    Wow that's really neat. It really lends legitimacy to the whole operation eh? Does it get entered in to some official registry somewhere? (I assume since there appears to be a unique identifying number below the "GEM MINT" score.
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