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  1. fishfan

    fishfan New Member

    Do wieters and hanson send back? To team addy or home thanks!
  2. Prospect Wizard

    Prospect Wizard New Member

    yes, Matt Wieters sends back c/o the Baltimore Orioles
    Hanson is not 100% but I have seen him return within 30-45 days c/o the Braves
    Atlanta Braves
    Turner Field
    755 Hank Aaron Dr.
    Atlanta, GA 30315
  3. ccaggs234

    ccaggs234 New Member

    How long does it normally take for Weiters Prospect Wizard?
  4. Prospect Wizard

    Prospect Wizard New Member

    16 days or so. Considering I've sent 6 items out and they've all been returned within 16-20 days (weekends included)
  5. pcag

    pcag New Member

    thanx il add that to my wieters pc
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