Will Dwight Howard Choose Houston Or Dallas?

Discussion in 'Basketball Card Talk' started by johnnyboy1999, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. johnnyboy1999

    johnnyboy1999 New Member

    I think it is a given that Howard will leave the Lakers. He does not want the pressure of playing under championship expectations. I think he has two places in mind. Houston and Dallas. Which one do you think he will choose?
  2. wheeler281

    wheeler281 SCF LEGEND

    Well he chose Houston so I will say Houston. It was really a perfect fit for him. I am a dwight hater but no way should he have stayed in LA.
  3. MatthewDodd888

    MatthewDodd888 New Member

    I think that Houston was a great pick for him and just like johnnyboy, I don't exactly like Dwight Howard but I absolutely hate the lakers with all my heart. I am a Celtics fan so maybe you can figure out why. I think he will serve a good purpose for Houston and it hurts me to say this but (gulp) I am happy for him.
  4. bigteeth96

    bigteeth96 Member

    Both choices are in Texas. I agree with Houston as well. Go Houston!
  5. way2go

    way2go New Member

    I am glad he got out of L.A., I agree that Houston is definately best! I bet the Houston fans were excited getting the news. He made a good decision , He gets to learn from Kevin Mchale and Hakeem Olajuwan. He also teams up with emerging superstar James Hardin.
  6. 4justice

    4justice New Member

    There was a time when I actually liked Dwight Howard. But ever since his final two years in Orlando he came off as a little too arrogant. Sure, most athletes have that, but he takes it a bit far. I personally think it's because everyone keeps filling his head about him being the best big man in the game.

    If I were Houston or Dallas, I would look at other options and hold out on Dwight. Reason being is that he plays when he feels like it (it shows when he plays). He may not be worth all the potential drama he will bring to either team.
  7. IQless1

    IQless1 Active Member

    I think a lot of the arrogance comes from being set in life. Same thing with Arod, Jordan and countless others. They can have just about anything they want and with that comes arrogance. Some manage to avoid it and remain humble, others just don't wanna be humble lol
  8. 4justice

    4justice New Member

    But at least Arod and Jordan have championships to their name and can back it up. Howard has no such credence on his resume. And if he's going to have such an ego then he should be able to handle the high expectations that come along with it.

    It's like he thinks he can accept ALL the positive and neglect ANY of the negative.
  9. athletictypist

    athletictypist New Member

    Dwight Howard has the LeBron syndrome. When he first came in the league, he was a very humble and likable guy. He always had a smile on his face and was goofing off with the fans, then almost overnight he changed. I'm not sure if I'd classify him as arrogant, but his personality definitely got worse. He started believe he was above his teammates. I prefer superstars like Kevin Durant and the up and coming Paul George.
  10. IQless1

    IQless1 Active Member

    That's due in no small part to peer-pressure, IMO. Basketball players tend to smack-talk each other mercilessly, and eventually you find yourself smack-talking right back. It can turn a decent guy into a jerk pretty quick when he's getting ribbed and ridiculed all day every day for years.

    Another point is adoration. Fans slaver over celebrities, and it's not easy remaining humble when everyone is trying to get you to sign stuff and women are throwing themselves at you all day and night long.

    That's why I say PED-users could use a stint as a janitor...to humble them a bit, bring them back down to Earth, so to speak.

    It's also why I don't fawn over celebrities. To me they are just people, they have their flaws just like anyone else. I even hear they poop from time to time. :D
  11. 4justice

    4justice New Member

    I have to agree with this. Both him and Lebron ONCE UPON A TIME were very likeable people. I think that all the good things said about Dwight went to his head. He got used to being called "the best big man in the game" too much and now he has the personality of a diva to match it.

    But at least Lebron has rings to go with his. Howard can't say the same.
  12. pojokers

    pojokers Member

    I say send him to Houston. I think Houston can use him more and that he'll fit in easier. Howard is really no big star but he shined with the Magic because the team wasn't that great. The Lakers on the other hand are used to greatness and expectations were high. Sending him to Houston would be the better adjustment instead of the higher caliber Dallas Mavs.
  13. Guy451

    Guy451 Member

    Houston would easily, in my opinion, be a better fit for Dwight Howard than Dallas would. Houston has the young stars and the upcoming talent that could use Howard to give them the push forward they need to make a playoff run. Unfortunately for Houston though Dallas has Mark Cuban and he has a ridiculous amount of money at hos disposal and if you want too, he will just buy Dwight Howard
  14. 4justice

    4justice New Member

    Personally, I see Houston as the better fit between them and Dallas. Mark Cuban surely has the money to grab Howard. But I don't see him putting up with Dwight's premadonna attitude much.
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