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Discussion in 'Football Card Talk' started by #11 Roy Williams, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. #11 Roy Williams

    #11 Roy Williams #11 Roy Williams

    Some of the ESPN reports say Vick could possibly be RB, while Schaub will be put in at QB... only on some plays though.

    Discuss :)
  2. lafastbreak

    lafastbreak New Member

    well u didnt say vick but i know who your talking about. it wouldnt work. it only works now bcuz he is the qb
  3. balance13

    balance13 Active Member

    i don't think it would work so well now because Vick is a Dual threat QB, but if you put Schaub in at QB and make Vick the RB then you lose one of your teams more threatening players.
  4. jasonbay

    jasonbay New Member

    Rb?? I dont think that would work well . Now Wr , if he can catch ...I think would be better .
  5. balance13

    balance13 Active Member

    either way i don't see it working
  6. randallcards

    randallcards Guest

    he could be RB but not rushing the ball, to catch the ball short out of the backfield might work good
  7. baseballidiot

    baseballidiot New Member

    I think Vick at RB would be a complete bust. I simply just dont see him having the frame or running style to be a running back.
  8. lafastbreak

    lafastbreak New Member

    the whole point of him being such a threat is the defense has to watch the recievers backs and tight ends. if hes at rb he wont be the running threat he is now because it will be cbs coming after him not the big dt
  9. kersis79

    kersis79 New Member

    Definately wont work, however if they put him at WR it would work better. But his whole threat is that he can run as a QB
  10. bhelser

    bhelser Active Member

    Is there a link to this? I would love to read ESPN's rationale on this
  11. #11 Roy Williams

    #11 Roy Williams #11 Roy Williams

    Don't know, I was watching the pregame last night and it mentioned it..
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