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Discussion in 'Football Buy/Sell/Trade' started by Mike121, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Mike121

    Mike121 We Dem Boyz

    Hey guys, I'm new to the site, but certainly not to collecting. I'm looking to buy some low end HOF GUs, as the title says. It's best if we can work out something on multiple cards to help save a little versus buying singles and paying shipping on each card.

    I've posted a link to my HOF GU Photobucket below. Mainly I'm looking for cards of players who I do not already have a card of, but if the card you have is a definite upgrade to the one I already have I might be interested in purchasing that too.

    My HOF Relics
  2. lysander spooner

    lysander spooner New Member

    ozzie newsome
    02 ud rookie f/x heros of football

    aeneas williams
    01 pacific #45

    curtis martin
    06 bowman sterling bs-cm
    02 playoff piece of the gam pog-11
    02 pacific #30
    03 ud deans list
    01 fleer td fever

    larry allen
    02 ud big game jersey

    shannon sharpe
    01 pacific #48

    warren sapp
    01 feer patchwork
    02 playoff piece of the gam pog-57
    02 topps finest game jersey #75 234/499

    michael straahan
    05 ud nfl kickoff kj-ms

    marshall faulk
    02 topps pro bowl rp-mf
    02 fleerjersey authentix
    06 fleer ultra award winners uaa-mf

    cris carter
    02 playoff piece of the gam pog-10
    2000 stadium club all pro cc-wr

    GALE SAYERS 2006 Leaf Certified Materials Immortals Jersey Card Red 37/75

    i have more i just don't know where they are right now
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