WTB/WTT for Austin Dyne Base and Auto Parallels

Discussion in 'Racing Buy/Sell/Trade' started by racinghy, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. racinghy

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    Looking to create a rainbow of him, already have the Red version #'d/99 and I have a green(national exclusive) #'d/10. I need the silver, gold, and blue versions of the autographed version. I also need the following base card/parallel of Austin Dyne

    - Regular Base Card
    - Silver Foil #d to 25
    - Holo Foil Die Cut
    - Red Foil Die Cut (Retail)
    - Sapphire Foil #d to 20 (power pack)
    - Diamond Die Cut #d to 5(power pack)
    - Green Parallel #d to 3(national exclusive)

    I have a lot of baseball, basketball, and some racing that I will be willing to trade for as well as buy depending on the price you set. I would be willing to trade a basketball auto and a dual relics basketball card for the first 5 or 6 cards on my list for base or the 3 autograph parallels I need. I am also willing to add onto it if you would like. I am going to be updating my bucket later on today with the cards I have. Safe driving to everyone, especially in the Mid Atlantic and New England states! At least it is fluffy snow so we won't hurt our backs as much!

    Photobucket username: racinghy
  2. Zahadum

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    I have donated most of my extras to Commons 4 Cards already but I am getting another box ready and I have these 2013 Young Guns Autos if interested:Ben Rhodes 37/99, 38/99., Annabeth Barnes 25/99., Austin Dyne 49/99, 89/99., Austin Dyne 49/149 and Annabeth Barnes 61/149. Sorry all the other Young Guns inserts I am pretty sure are gone already. Let me know if interested as the box will be head out early in the week.

    Update: As I was worked on the box I did find these other die-cut base parallel one: 97x3, 98, 99 and a 99 numbered 7/25.
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  3. racinghy

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    Can you PM me some photos? Extremely interested!
  4. Zahadum

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    Pulled, scanned and PM replied to with images.
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