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  1. woodman

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    If selling $40 Dlv. for the lot. If trading I need football/baseball autos /gu from major brands. No PP/sage/etc.. I don't care who the player is. I would prefer cheap $5 GU or autos. I need bulk.

    Basketball Autos & GU For Trade
    12/13 Fleer Focus Retro Olek Czyz(Nevada)(2)
    12/13 Fleer Retro Rookie Sensations #71 Robbie Hummel(Purdue)
    12/13 Fleer Retro Rookie Sensations #72 Robert Sacre(Gonzaga)
    12/13 Fleer Retro Rookie Sensations #78 Justin Hamilton(LSU)
    12/13 Prestige Picks #30 Jordan Williams(Nets)
    12/13 Totally Cert. Rookie Roll Call #74 Josh Selby(Van)
    11/12 SP Auth. #25 JaJuan Johnson(Purdue)
    11 Cont. Patches Rookie Ticket #138 Terrico White(Det)
    10/11 Don. RR #258 Dexter Pittman(Heat)
    09/10 Abs. Spectrum #133, # to 249 Derrick Brown(Bobcats)
    09/10 UD Sig. Coll. #194 Tyrus Thomas(Chi)
    09 Don. Elite #200, # to 499 Taylor Griffin(Suns)
    06/07 Bow. Sterling #38 Josh Howard(Dal)
    06/07 Bow. Sterling #73 Daniel Gibson(Clev)
    06/07 Bow. Sterling #74 Marcus Vinicius(Hornets)
    06/07 Bow. Sterling #79 Mile Ilic (Nets)
    06/07 Bow. Sterling #83 Sergio Rodriguez(Port)
    06/07 Bow. Sterling #85 Renaldo Balkman(N.Y.Knicks)
    06/07 Bow. Sterling #87 Hassan Adams(Nets)
    95 Classic Rookies Cuonzo Martin
    12/13 Prestige True Colors D.J.Mayo(Van)
    10/11 Cert. Totally Gold 3 color #6, # to 25 Boris Diaw(Char)
    10/11 Cert. Totally Red Marcus Camby(Port)
    10/11 Cert. FOTG Michael Beasley(Minn)
    10/11 Don. Production Line #81 Jason Kidd(Dal)
    10/11 Panini Classic Membership #17 Derrick Coleman(Nets)
    10/11 LL Freshmen Rookie #30 Lazar Hayward(Minn)
    10/11 LL Freshmen Rookie #21 Craig Brackins(Char)
    10/11 Panini Season Update Green Week Jason Terry(Dal)
    10/11 Panini Season Update Green Week Jerryd Bayless(Port)
    10/11 Panini Season Update Rookie Chall. Wesley Johnson(Dal)
    10/11 Panini Season Update Throwback Threads Jermaine O'Neil(Miami)
    09/10 UD Dual Game Mat. Tyrus Thomas/Larry Hughes(Bulls/NYK)
    07/08 SP Game Used Ed. Hardwood Classics Eric Piatkowski(Phoe)
    06/07 Bow. Sterling #16 Tracey McGrady(Hous)
    06/07 Bow. Sterling #24 Shawn Marion(Suns)
    06/07 Bow. Sterling #51 Saer Sene(Seat)
    06/07 Bow. Sterling #53 Josh Boone(Nets)
    06/07 Bow. Sterling #54 James White(Spurs)
    06/07 Bow. Sterling #56 David Noel(Mil)
    06/07 Bow. Sterling #58 Paul Davis(LAC)
    06/07 Bow. Sterling #61 Mardy Collins(NYK)-2
    06/07 Bow. Sterling #62 Solomon Jones(Atl)
    06/07 Bow. Sterling #63 Craig Smith(Minn)
    06/07 Bow. Sterling #66 Patrick O'Bryant(GS)
    06/07 Bow. Sterling #69 Bobby Jones(Phil)
    06/07 Bow. Sterling #70 Kyle Lowry(Memphis)
    05/06 Topps 52 Style Hardwood Classics Nick Van Exel(Port)
    05/06 TC # to 400 Carlos Delfino(Det)
    04/05 Topps Pristine Winning Wardrobe Pau Gasol(Memphis)
    04 SP Game Used Ed. Emanuel Ginobili(SA)
    03/04 UD Premiere Issue Travis Outlaw(Port)
    02/03 Fleer Prem. Primetime Jason Kidd(Nets)
    00/01 Fleer Feel The Game Shareef Abdur-Rahim(Van)
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  2. woodman

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    Lot is sold, thanks
  3. IQless1

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    Cards received. Thanks for the awesome deal! :)
  4. http://www.sportscardclub.com/threa...-just-one-and-others-inside-for-trade.428308/

    Are you willing to trade 1 auto card for multiple of my cards listed here? Its really not all I have for trade. It's just what I had time to do last night and really it's all about the same for me. I don't get lucky with many inserts, I have no autos (one should be on the way) and I don't have any game worn but one and it's football (rookie card). The first picture in the link are cards I know from a fact not to long ago had money valley in a beckett. Just let me know please. Or if you have any Kevin Durant Rookie cards or inserts or anything Oklahoma city really worth the shipping and the wait. Lol!
  5. IQless1

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    I'll assume you mean me, since I have the cards now. ;)

    Unfortunately, I have to pass on additional trades at this time, for a number of reasons.

    Too bad too, as I like the cards that you have posted, and I don't have any of Luck's cards lol

    Don't worry though, you'll find some autos eventually. Just be patient, and keep trying...I'm sure someone else wants a few of those cards. ;)
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