WTTF 1964 and 1966 Topps baseball in NM (raw or graded)

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    The following is my need list for the 1964 and 1966 Topps baseball sets I'm currently working. I'm only interested in cards with a grade of NM or better and would consider either raw or graded. I have some vintage cards, raw and graded, from most other years available for trade. I'd be happy to scan or provide pictures of some raw cards to give let you verify the grade I've assessed. I've stagnated in moving these sets towards completion so no trade is too small for me. Thanks.

    1964 Topps Baseball:
    2,3,4,5,7,9,15,21,23,27,32,35,38,41,46,50,55,59,67,69,70,81,86,88,89,100,101,109,111,116,120,121, 125,128,139,146,148,160,177,182,190,197,200,205,206,209,210,219,225,233,240,247,265,280,284,285,299,300,318,320,324,325,330,335,342,349,350,353,356,360,363,379,381,390,393,395,398,415,419,426,429,430,435,439,440,445,448,456,458,463,465,470,473,474,476,478,487,488,505,512,521,523,524,530,532,536,538,540,541,544,548,555,556,561,563,566,567,568,576,580,581,582,583,585,586,587

    1966 Topps Baseball:
    9,35,50,90,91,96,99,100,110,116,117,124,125,130,138,153,167,171,172,175,177,180,191,198,205,209, 215,216,220,221,223,225,226,229,232,234,238,255,273,284,285,288,293,298,300,306,311,318,320,322,323,325,326,328,334,347,348,350,351,365,386,405,407,421,422,435,445,450,469,470,471,472,482,490,494,499,513,514,517,519,523,524,525,526,527,528,529,530,531,532,534,537,538,539,541,544,545,546,547,548,550,552,553,554,555,556,557,558,559,561,562,563,565,566,569,570,574,578,579,583,584,586,588,589,590,591,592,594,596,598
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