yankees for 50/50 ttm or ip 200 players listed

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    this list is only from cards from 1980-1999. i have hundreds more still to organize and sort from these years as well as sorting all the yankees from 2000-present. everything listed and what will be listed will be in yankee uniforms.

    i finally got these organized and listed alphabetically. some of these players i only have 1 card of but others i have 10-20 of. they are organized so if you are interested in any of these players let me know.

    i will ship you the cards for free and cover the shipping on my end. i just ask you to be fair and whatever you get back just send me what would be fair. I do realize that there are a handful of deceased on this list that i did not remove.

    Abbott, Jim
    Adkins, Steve
    Aguayo, Luis
    Alexander, Doyle
    Allen, Neil
    Armstrong, Mike
    Azocar, Oscar
    Balboni, Steve
    Barfield, Jesse
    Baylor, Don
    Berra, Yogi (coach)
    Bird, Doug
    Blomberg, Ron
    Blowers, Mike
    Bradley, Scott
    Brosius, Scott
    Brown, Bobby
    Burke, Tim
    Cadaret, Greg
    Campaneris, Bert
    Candelaria, John
    Cary, Chuck
    Cerone, Rick
    Christiansen, Clay
    Clark, Jack
    Collins, Dave
    Cone, David
    Cook, Andy
    Cotto, Henry
    Cowley, Joe
    Cumberland, Chris

    Davis, Chili
    Davis, Ron
    Davis, Russ
    Dayett, Brian
    Dotson, Richard
    Drews, Matt
    Easler, Mike
    Eenhorn, Robert
    Eiland, Dave
    Erickson, Roger
    Espino, Juan
    Espinoza, Alvara
    Farr, Steve
    Fernandez, Tony
    Fischlin, Mike
    Fisher, Brian
    Fontenot, Ray
    Foote, Barry
    Ford, Whitey
    Frazier, George

    Gallego, Mike
    Gamble, Oscar
    Gardella, Mike
    Geren, Bob
    Gossage, Goose
    Griffey Sr, Ken
    Griffin, Mike
    Guetterman, Lee
    Guidry, Ron
    Gullickson, Bill
    Habyan. John
    Hall, Mel
    Hawkins, Andy
    Hayes, Charlie
    Henderson, Rickey
    Hitch****, Sterling
    Howe, Steve
    Howell, Jay
    Hudler, Rex
    Hudson, Charles
    Humphreys, Mike
    Hutton, Mark
    Irabu, Hideki

    James, Dion
    Jean, Domingo
    John, Tommy
    Johnson, Jeff
    Jones, Jimmy
    Jones, Ruppert
    Kamieniecki, Scott
    Kelly, Pat
    Kelly, Roberto
    Kemp, Steve
    Keough, Matt
    King, Clyde (manager)
    Kittle, Ron
    LaPoint, Dave
    LaRoche, Dave
    Leary, Tim
    Leiter, Al
    Leiter, Mark
    Lemon, Bob (manager)
    Leyritz, Jim
    Lombardi, Phil
    Lovullo, Torey

    Maas, Kevin
    Martel, Ed
    Martinez, Tino
    Mata, Vic
    Matefusco, John
    Mattingly, Don
    May, Rudy
    Mayberry, John
    Mazzilli, Lee
    McCullers, Lance
    McDowell, Jack
    Meachum, Bobby
    Mendoza, Ramiro
    Meulens, Hensley
    Milbourne, Larry
    Militello, Sam
    Mills, Alan
    Mohorcic, Dale
    Monteleone, Rich
    Moreno, Omar
    Morgan, Mike
    Mumphrey, Jerry
    Munoz, Roberto/Bobby
    Murcer, Bobby
    Murray, Dale
    Nelson, Gene
    Nettles, Graig
    Niekro, Joe
    Nielson, Jerry
    Nielson, Scott
    Nokes, Matt
    O'neill, Paul

    Pagliarulo, Mike
    Pasqua, Dan
    Pena, Hipolito
    Perez, Melido
    Perez, Pascual
    Pettitte, Andy
    Phelps, Ken
    Piniella, Lou (player and mngr)
    Plunk, Eric
    Polonia, Luis
    Pulido, Al
    Ramos, John
    Randolph, Willie
    Rasmussen, Dennis
    Rawley, Shane
    Reushel, Rick
    Revering, Dave
    Rhoden, Rick
    Righetti, Dave
    Rijo, Jose
    Rivera, Ruben
    Robertson, Andre
    Robinson, Jeff
    Rodriguez, Aurelio
    Rodriquez, Carlos
    Roenicke, Gary
    Royster, Jerry

    Sanders, Deion
    Sanderson, Scott
    Santana, Rafael
    Sax, Steve
    Scurry, Rod
    Shields, Steve
    Shirley, Bob
    Silvestri, Dave
    Skinner, Joel
    Slaught, Don
    Smalley, Roy
    Snow, JT
    Soderholm, Eric
    Spencer, Jim
    Springer, Russ
    Stankiewicz, Andy
    Stanley, Fred
    Stanley, Mike
    Stoddard, Tim
    Tartabull, Danny
    Taylor, Brien
    Taylor, Wade
    Terrell, Walt
    Tewksbury, Bob
    Tolleson, Wayne
    Trout, Steve

    Velarde, Randy
    Ward, Gary
    Washington, Claudell
    Watson, Bob
    Wells, David
    Werth, Dennis
    Wickman, Bob
    Williams, Bernie
    Williams, Gerald
    Winfield, Dave
    Witt, Mike
    Wynegar, Butch
    Young, Curt
    Zuvella, Paul
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