Dwight Howard... NBA's Next Shaq?

Discussion in 'Basketball Card Talk' started by Peter T Davis, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. Peter T Davis

    Peter T Davis Notorious Admin Moderator

    What do you guys think? He shared NBA weekly honors with Melo this week. Do you guys think that he will be as good or better as Shaq was at one time?
  2. #11 Roy Williams

    #11 Roy Williams #11 Roy Williams

    I think he will be a beast, but Shaq was pretty amazing ;)

    Time will tell.
  3. ozballer23

    ozballer23 New Member

    Too early to tell yet i think, but the way he has been playing lately certainly does not hurt his chances, the kid is awesome.
  4. Johan Santana #57

    Johan Santana #57 New Member

    I say, barring any severe injury, Dwight will have better numbers than Shaq when it is all said and done. Now will he have as many rings as him? Probably not.
  5. ozballer23

    ozballer23 New Member

    Don't forget that shaq and dwight started on the same team with similar talent. Anything is possible. Shaq was traded, who said dwight wont be?
  6. lafastbreak

    lafastbreak New Member

    To early to tell but for his first few years hes been a beast.
  7. ewils990

    ewils990 New Member


    Hes amazing. I knew from the beginning of the yera he was going to be AMAZING!!!!! Great player and always will be. His cards will be going up big time after or during this season. People on NBA TV refer to him as "Mr. 20 20," because he averages 20 points and 20 rebounds per. game. He'll be better then Shaq.

    The Magic are going to do good this year. I know it.:D
  8. 17jeremy

    17jeremy New Member

    don't think he'llbe the next shaq becuase shaq was amazing but howard is a good plaer.Another player that reminds me of shaq is okafor sometimes when he's playing defense.Did you see the swat he made this week.That was amazing.
  9. jasonbay

    jasonbay New Member

    Both are great players . If ya look at it though Shaq will most likely lead the pts cat over him because in his 2nd and 3rd yr he almost had 30 average and Dwight has yet to average 20 . But I think if you fast forward Howard's career then compare Howard would average more rebounds overall. Its really a win-win pick if you were to choose
  10. Johan Santana #57

    Johan Santana #57 New Member

    no way is okafor compared to shaq

    Okafor, too short to be a center (unless you are Big Ben lol)

    can not score like shaq
    ya he plays D, but not as big a prescense

    Also, Meka has already been injured and has a bad back, no way does his career last long enough to ecclipse shaq
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